Degree Programs

PBTS offers degree programs, in theology and in music, that aim to equip God’s servant-leaders in various facets of the ministry. Each degree program is designed to have a balance of rigorous theological thinking and practical hands-on training. In order to be able to enter into a program, a student must comply with the basic entrance requirements stated in this section.

Entrance Requirement for Degree Program

For the two-year degree programs:

For the three-year degree programs:

For non-college graduates

Entrance Requirement for Non-Degree Program

PBTS offers certificate and associate programs for students who do not intend to enter into a regular degree program. Applicants need only to accomplish the application forms.

Academic Calendar

Here are the notable dates for PBTS School Year 2018-2019:

April 9, 2018
Summer Class Enrollment
April 10
Summer Class Begin
April 21
Summer Class Finals
April 22 – June 3
Summer Break
June 4 (2pm)
English Proficiency Exam
June 5-8
General Orientation
June 11
Classes Begin
June 18
June 12-13
Preliminary Exam
June 13
Foundation Day
August 16-17
Mid-Term Exam
August 28-31
Spiritual Emphasis Week
Sept. 20-21
First Semester Final Exam
Sept. 22-Oct. 6
Semester Break
Oct. 12nd Semester English Exam
Oct. 2-5
2nd Semester Enrollment
Oct. 8
2nd Semester General Orientation
Oct. 9
Classes Begin
Nov. 8-9
Preliminary Exam
Nov. 29-30
Seminary Sports Fest
Dec. 13-14
Mid-Term Exam
Dec. 15-31
Christmas Break
Jan. 7-9, 2019
Lide-Walker Bible Conference
Jan. 10
Grand Alumni Homecoming
Jan. 11
6th SEE Summit
Jan. 22
Classes Resume
March 5-6
March 7
Graduation Banquet
March 8
62nd Commencement Exercises