SEE Centers are strategically located in the Philippines and abroad. A student does not have to live on Baguio campus to achieve quality theological education.


The extenson program follows the standard PBTS curriculum offered on-campus. Course content and educational objectives are synchronized.


SEE classes are highly responsive to the needs of busy church leaders in terms of schedule and location of classes.

Education in Context.

SEE learning brings integration of theory and practice to higher level. Study as you immerse in your particular ministry!

What makes SEE different?

Read the distinctive features of Seminary Education by Extension.

Why should I choose to study by SEE?

Let us count the ways, from A to Z, how SEE can help you achieve quality Theological Education.

How did SEE start?

This program is born out of the desire to educate and train church leaders without necessarily leaving their ministry.

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Meet our SEE Centers

More and more centers are being established to meet the needs for distributed learning in theological education.

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